Cisa Campus at the Forum Mediterraneo in Sanità

Cisa Campus, Cisa Production’s permanent training centre, was one of the sponsors of the Forum Mediterraneo in Sanità (Mediterranean Healthcare Forum) 2019 in Bari.

Cisa Campus presented its vision of the Central Sterilizing Services Department (CSSD) 4.0 integrated in the Smart Hospital during the session dedicated to “The Importance of Sterilization in the Smart Hospital”.

A culturally and technologically innovative approach where the CSSD, from a simple service supporting the operating rooms, actually becomes the Supply Chain for reprocessing, a continuous production line managed by a single software where the machines constitute the various stations of a single process. The CSSD is therefore directly connected to the operating room through an integrated software capable of processing the programming of the operating block and creating the most efficient work cycle, assigning the correct priorities.

Furthermore, Cisa is also working on the development of a more sustainable CSSD that reduces water and energy consumption while ensuring high performance and which, through a traceability system, reduces operating risks and increases the safety of patients and operators.