Cisa at the 14th Forum “Target on healthcare and wellbeing” – Changes in healthcare. Equal access, innovation, sustainability.

The forum, to be held in Florence from 26 to 29 November 2019, draws the attention of all health professionals to the urgent need for organisational, clinical, and technological innovations that are necessary today for a better and more thorough response to the health needs of citizens.

Cisa will be exhibiting inside the Fortezza da Basso and, through Cisa Campus, the permanent training centre, will organize a conference dedicated to “Hospital 4.0 Technological innovation, automation and sustainability”, with the participation of important speakers in the healthcare industry (Minerva Hall, November 26 from 2.30pm to 6.30pm).

Moreover, Cisa, in collaboration with the Forum, will be promoting the HEALTHCARE FORUM AWARD 2019, which takes place for the second consecutive year. Participation is open to start-ups, companies, individuals and teams involved in finding solutions to fight infection risks in hospitals and healthcare facilities in general. The goal is to reward the most innovative and sustainable entities or projects, which must be able to demonstrate their ability to respond effectively to the main technological challenges of our time.

The purpose of the current rules is to provide the criteria and framework for the evaluation and selection of the best candidates.