Cisa has won the tender for the construction of the new CSSD of the Modena hospital.

Cisa developed a project for the delivery of a “turnkey” CSSD, which proved successful in terms of design, technology and design.

Cisa designed an installation that doesn’t include any outsourcing of service during the construction phase. This means that all work areas are compartmentalised so as to allow the old installation to function during the construction phases of the new one.

The new installation in Modena is a full CSSD, and includes 4 autoclaves, 4 thermo-disinfectors and washing tunnels, washing counters, ultrasonic benches, packaging stations.

After construction, the full Cisa traceability system will be integrated. The Tracecare project includes the “central system” in CSSD and a connection to all the other CISA machines in the hospital.

Modernisation works will be carried out on parts of the premises (washing area). The new area will be in line with the rest of the CSSD (floors, lighting, finishes, etc.). Furthermore, changes will be made to the system’s utilities (steam and power supplies) and maintenance on all utility channels will be carried out.

The Modena CSSD is an example of Cisa’s ability to provide a complete, turnkey service with maximum flexibility and competence.

The new CSSD will be inaugurated at the end of October.