Cisa Healthcare Forum Award 2019

The three finalists of the Healthcare Forum Award 2019 had the opportunity to present their projects to a large audience gathered in the Spazio Forma Forum, at the Fortezza da Basso, on Friday November 29, the final day of the 14th Risk Management Forum. The Award, promoted by the Risk Management Forum together with Cisa Group, is dedicated to innovative start-ups and products in the field of Infection Control.
The three interesting and worthy proposals were personally illustrated by the competitors, following the screening of a short introductory video. 

Corax The Life Box, a transparent sterile box presented by Franco Pradelli representing his team, ensures sterile conditions as well as air and temperature control for transporting children with burn in all those countries (many of which are in Africa) where reaching a hospital often requires a long and difficult journey.

The Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Scanner, presented by Bemar Italia, is a system provided with integrated software for the objective evaluation of correct hand washing procedures.

The BioVitae light, presented by the Nextsense start-up, is a medical lighting device that, thanks to a combination of different light frequencies, sanitizes the environments in which it is installed and keeps the proliferation of bacteria under control.

The jury of the competition, chaired by Professor Giorgio Tulli, member of the Forum’s scientific committee, decided to award the BioVitae project, but words of great appreciation were also addressed the other two finalists for the quality and merit of their submitted proposals.

The entire ceremony was available in streaming on the official Facebook page of the Risk Management.