Ágora Tech Park and Softville sign cooperation agreement
With the agreement, Softville will now hold its events at the Ágora Hub, integrating activities to the Innovation Center. The action is aligned with the State Innovation Centers’ policy, where the Center’s functions are not limited to its geographical location. With this new partnership Joinville takes another step towards creating a strong and hyper-connected ecosystem which combines efforts towards common goals and makes better use of its resources. According to José Fernando Fragalli, “the union between Joinville Innovation Center and Softville will attract, increasingly more, the eyes of the entrepreneurial community. This union should provide growth in both the number and the qualification of business resulting from this partnership”, he points out. The incubator continues operating in the city center (48 Otto Boehm Street), where the offices of the incubated companies and their co-working remain. On Wednesday (December 4th), the partnership’s first event was held. Softville’s vertical Marketing & Sales hosted a customer-focused sales workshop. For Jean Vogel, Executive Director of Ágora Tech Park “as a technology park and as a State Innovation Center, we understand that our role is to help connect and develop the ecosystem. An Innovation Center doesn’t have to perform its functions within a single building. Using the city’s existing assets in a coordinated and cooperative manner is the best strategy. This is what we we’re seeking in the partnership with Softville: connect, potentialize and accelerate the development of startups in Joinville and the region”, he concludes.