Cisa is installing the new CSSD at the Clinique Saint Jean

In the spring of 2019, Cisa, in collaboration with Colussi, was awarded the contract for the construction of the sterilization unit at the important private multi-specialty Clinique Saint Jean in Montpellier.

Cisa planned a project for the delivery of a 10 OT “turnkey” CSSD, which has proved successful in terms of technology and design. The design and sizing of the CSSD have been developed by the Cisa team on the basis of the client’s requirements, also thanks to the use of virtual reality, which allows to simulate a real experience and verify in advance the various flows of the CSSD (personnel, surgical instruments, containers, trolleys, and others) within a controlled virtual environment.

Installation and testing are carried out by the partner Colussi.

In the Saint Jean CSSD the technology is of the highest level also because it provides innovative solutions for the integration of the machines through the Cisa Tracecare® traceability system that supports the flow management of the sterilization process. The system will include software that monitors the progress of all the machines in real time. The CSSD is composed of 3 washer disinfectors 155, 4 steam autoclaves with automatic discharge, and 1 washing tunnel. The supply also includes all the accessories and furniture, such as tables and cabinets, necessary for the operation of the CSSD.

Construction operations are currently nearing completion. Installation work of the CSSD serving the operating block is expected to end by summer 2020.

In the last year Cisa has acquired an important technological and digital leadership in the world of hospital sterilization. The company has developed unique solutions for energy saving in hospitals, the digitization of logistics and the full integration of the CSSD with the hospital’s operating block, in view of what is now called the smart hospital of the future, and in full accorance with the principles of Industry 4.0.