Essel Selüloz | Yöntem Kağıt select Futura and Plusline for converting investment
Lucca, 8 March 2021   Essel Selüloz ve Kağıt A.Ş. and its sister company Yöntem Kağıt Ltd. have ordered two converting lines from Futura and Plusline for plants in Turkey, at Çaycuma-Zonguldak and a new facility in Osmaniye. The latter will run alongside the new PM 3 tissue machine and both lines will produce a complete range of toilet tissue and towel products.                 Each line will feature the following advanced, integrated solutions: JOI embossers with Hydro-bond for glue-free embossing; an innovative new tail-sealing application system; and unique trim cutter combined with log saw. The lines are based on the advanced Together integrated system which, once again, redraws the boundaries and disrupts the norm to deliver optimum performance, space saving and minimized manual intervention. They feature Plusline packaging technology which converts logs into shelf-ready packs, including the Overpack automatic high-speed bundler. “This investment, including our new facility with Turkey’s highest-capacity tissue machine investment at Osmaniye, marks an important new chapter for our company,” said Mr. Cumhur Esen and Mr. Abdurrahman Esen, Co-Owners of Essel. “As one of the leading players in Away-from-Home tissue products for more than 20 years in Turkey, Essel and Yöntem now have a new opportunity in consumer tissue. Based on our new, 5.7m-wide PM3 (270 tons/day) and the two new converting lines with fully integrated packaging solutions, we will be one of the top players in consumer tissue in our region, too, matching our growth in jumbo rolls with the same improvement in converting. The best way we can support our customers and generate growth is through the quality and efficiency of our production, and the opportunities it provides for product development. We have chosen Futura and Plusline because of their innovative integrated solutions, commitment to partnership and, like us, they are always seeking to optimize performance.” “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Essel Kağit, a company with which we share a common vision about driving change and growth through quality, sustainability and product innovation,” said Piero Ceccon, CEO of Futura. “Turkey is one of the world’s most dynamic tissue markets in the challenging global landscape, and we will contribute to Essel Kağit’s success through the performance and flexibility of our solutions, the facilitation of increased output to the market and our commitment to customer support.” The lines are expected to start up in within the third quarter of 2021.