Futura and Plusline high-performance installation starts up
Turkey, 16 February 2022   In March 2021 Essel Selüloz ve Kağıt A.Ş. and sister company Yöntem Kağıt Ltd, which have been the leading tissue producers in Turkey for over 20 years, signed an agreement with Futura and Plusline for the supply of two converting lines complete with packaging for their plants in Turkey. Today the fruit of this agreement has become a reality with the start-up of the first of the two lines, at the Osmaniye plant. This high performance converting line features two fully-integrated packaging systems, each combining two Togethers and two Overpacks. Together is the technology conceived by Futura and Plusline which converts logs into shelf-ready packs. It has changed the rules of the game in tissue converting by ensuring process continuity, increased speed and levels of production efficiency never achieved before. The integration of Together within these lines also allows users to optimize the space occupied by the line and minimize manual intervention. Overpack is Plusline’s high-speed automatic bundler. Futura is pleased to work in partnership with Essel Kağit, a company with which it shares the vision of driving change and development through innovation, emphasis on relationships and the continuous improvement of production performance.