Cisa Group’s 75th Anniversary: 1947/2022

2022 marks an important year for Cisa Group, the sterilisation systems company (Costruzione Impianti Sterilizzazione e Affini) that, together with Cisa America and Cisa Brazil, forms an international group which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washing, disinfection and sterilisation technologies for infection control in the healthcare and life science industries. The 75th Anniversary is a source of great satisfaction for the historic Italian brand that has been active in this market segment for over seven decades.

Cisa Group marks this milestone with a specially designed logo and takes the opportunity not only to underline the experience and expertise that the double-digit number represents, but also to highlight the approach that distinguishes the company, always striving for change, sustainability and innovation, with a watchful eye to the future.
In this year that, according to the most expert economists, was supposed to be one of recovery and global rebirth, but was hit instead by unexpected and unforeseen events that disrupted its planned course, Cisa never stopped and invested in significant projects, such as Cisa Waste and Curo’s WSD system, that landed in the UK. 

In such a significant year for the company’s history, it was decided to express its idea of business through words and images: Evolution means thinking ahead, improving yourself with an eye to the future. A mini-campaign announces the 75th anniversary and the launch of the new website. A series of images tells the story of Cisa Group, emphasising the company’s ethical commitment to quality and respect.

Cisa, always looking ahead, focuses on creating safer environments in hospitals, healthcare facilities and laboratory applications as a key priority for the wellbeing of humans worldwide. This is the commitment that drives Cisa Group to fulfil its claim: we care about life.