The new Cisa Group website is online

The new Cisa Group website has been online for the past few weeks: a clean, contemporary style to tell the story of its approach to infection control in the sterilization field for healthcare industry and life sciences industry.

The design of the new website marks the end of Cisa’s 75th anniversary, celebrated by highlighting the values that distinguish the company and starting its full renewal process, characterised by concrete, informed choices, under the banner of the words that best represents us: We care about life. The new website, straightforward yet captivating, is easy to navigate and rich in content. It represents Cisa’s showcase and will support the company in its path of growth and sustainability.

Evolution means thinking ahead, improving yourself with an eye to the future: these are the words associated with the launch of the new website at the end of last year, reaffirming the mindset and values that distinguish Cisa: its ethical commitment and sustainable approach, as well as its expertise and a constant eye towards the future. A statement message that combines quality, trust and respect with perseverance, consistency and determination as valuable elements for a brand that has carved out for itself, with humility and patience, a leading role in the global sterilisation market.

Cisa’s work is the foundation for the safeguard of the health and life of others. This is the idea behind all of the company’s solutions, technologies and services. This is what the new website represents and illustrates. Enjoy browsing.


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