Futura SpA’s commitment: Innovation and Research in the Spirit of Perini

An interesting article published by Quotidiano Nazionale tells the story of Fabio Perini and Futura Spa. Here’s a brief summary:

The territory of Lucca is closely connected to the tissue paper industry, which is experiencing global growth in terms of innovation, sustainability, revenue, and employment. Within this supply chain, Futura Spa positions itself as a technological leader in the converting sector. Founded 20 years ago, Futura inherits the experience of Fabio Perini, an entrepreneur, inventor, and pioneer in the tissue paper industry. With the patent for the first automatic tissue paper cutting machine in 1960, Perini revolutionized the global paper industry.

Six years later, in 1966, Perini founded Fabio Perini S.p.A in Lucca, creating the model of machines that enabled other companies such as Sofidel, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, Cartiere Carrara, and Lucart to establish themselves in the area, turning it into the world capital of tissue paper. This also attracted foreign groups such as Essity and Wepa. Today, Futura Spa is part of the Faper Group, a holding company founded in 2001 by Perini, which is also active in medical control and advisory services for development and real estate investments. The company has three divisions in Italy, the United States, and Latin America, with 172 employees, 116 production lines installed worldwide, and an annual turnover of approximately 50 million euros.

The propensity for innovation is ingrained in Futura’s DNA. The company pursues digital solutions, automates machines, employs advanced tools for analysis and control of production processes, prioritizes sustainability, and simplifies processes by integrating them with innovative and technological primary and secondary packaging systems. The recent acquisition of Plusline further promotes these objectives. Futura also dedicates an area of the company called Futura Lab to research and development, training new generations of engineers and technicians every year alongside Fabio Perini.

Those who are familiar with Perini’s history assert that Futura represents the synthesis of what Fabio Perini achieved in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. The success of the company is rooted in the same passion that has guided the human and entrepreneurial history of the group: the immense satisfaction of inventing something new to improve the human condition and create utility for others.