Leadership Transition at Futura

Futura, a leading company in the converting sector, is undergoing a period of transformation and growth with the appointment of Cav. Fabio Perini as Non-Executive Chairman and the arrival of a new CEO, Guido Dellagnelo. This announcement marks a significant step forward for the company, as it continues to solidify its position in the global market.

Guido Dellagnelo brings with him extensive experience in the converting sector, gained throughout a long and successful career. Prior to assuming the role of CEO at Futura, Dellagnelo distinguished himself as CEO of Futura Latin America, demonstrating leadership skills and a strategic vision that contributed to the company’s success in the region.

However, Dellagnelo’s expertise extends beyond his tenure at Futura Latin America. Before joining the company, he held key positions such as President and CEO at prominent companies like Fabio Perini Brazil and Casmatic. These experiences enriched his professional background, enabling him to tackle complex challenges and successfully lead companies towards achieving their goals.

The appointment of Guido Dellagnelo as CEO heralds a moment of great enthusiasm and optimism for Futura. His leadership will be crucial in navigating the company through new challenges and opportunities in the global converting market. Futura’s employees welcome this new phase and look forward with confidence to the future under Dellagnelo’s guidance.

Cav. Fabio Perini, Non-Executive Chairman of Futura, has expressed full confidence in Dellagnelo’s abilities and is excited to collaborate with him to propel the company to new heights. This partnership promises to combine the extensive experience and strategic vision of both leaders to ensure Futura’s continued success in the global market.

In conclusion, Guido Dellagnelo’s appointment as CEO represents a significant chapter in Futura’s history. With strong leadership and extensive industry experience, Dellagnelo is well-positioned to lead the company to new successes and realize its full potential. We wish him the utmost success in this new endeavor and eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Futura under his enlightened guidance.