New Commercial Organization at Cisa

Cisa Production, a leader in the production sector, continues its path of growth and expansion with the announcement of significant appointments at the European level in the sales department. These new designations mark a significant moment for the company, aiming to consolidate its presence and enhance commercial activities on an international scale.

Antonino Belcaro, formerly Sales Manager for Italy, has been selected to take on a key role at the European level as Sales Director. This appointment demonstrates recognition of his skills and leadership in sales and underscores his commitment to contributing to the global success of Cisa Production.

Simultaneously, Andrea Orsi joins the team as the new Sales Manager for the United Kingdom, assuming responsibility for overseeing all Extra-European markets. His experience and industry knowledge will be essential in guiding sales operations and identifying growth opportunities in these important market areas.

Meanwhile, Federica Milicia will continue in her role as Area Sales Manager for Europe, reaffirming her dedication to serving customers and promoting Cisa Production’s products in the European market. Her extensive experience and ability to establish strong customer relationships will be an asset to the company in this phase of expansion.

These new appointments underscore Cisa Production’s commitment to strengthening its sales structure and consolidating its presence at the European level. With a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, the company is poised to seize the challenges and opportunities that the European market offers, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and continuous success.