Launched: Andromeda 3

The latest edition of the MIAC Exhibition in Lucca marked a milestone moment for Futura, with the official launch of the new Andromeda 3 line. The culmination of three years of intensive work at the Futura Lab, under the enlightened guidance of Cav. Fabio Perini, this innovative line represents the pinnacle of automation in the industry, redefining standards of quality, efficiency, and safety.

Andromeda 3 not only offers customers a superior quality product at a more affordable cost but also introduces significant improvements for operators. With a more ergonomic and safer working environment, the line aims to enhance the daily lives of employees, eliminating any form of gender discrimination in personnel selection and employment.

This revolutionary production line embodies Futura’s commitment to continuous innovation and the creation of cutting-edge solutions for the industry. Through Andromeda 3, the company positions itself at the forefront of the sector, anticipating market needs and reaffirming its role as a leader in the international industrial landscape.

The official launch during the MIAC Exhibition is just the beginning of a new chapter for Futura and the entire industry. With Andromeda 3, the company looks to the future with confidence, ready to drive change and continue to offer innovative solutions that transform the way we work and produce.