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Passion for innovation
is engraved in our history, growth
in our present and continuous
improvement in our future.

Passion for innovation
is engraved in our history, growth
in our present and continuous
improvement in our future.

A group that is entirely based on the value of innovation.

Faper Group was founded in 2001 as a holding company of innovative solutions in converting and paper machines for the world of tissue as well as challenging initiatives in other industries, such as Perini Navi in the superyacht sector.
Today, the group is focused on its investments in high performance solutions for the converting of tissue paper and sterilization and infection control systems for hospitals and life science industries.
Faper Group’s activities are rooted in the distinct DNA of its founder Mr. Fabio Perini and his concept of envisioning, inventing and simplifying, as he often states, “Invention is the key to simplicity”.

People, talent and humbleness change everything when they come together.

Each company in the group is market leader in its aim of delivering pioneering, innovative and user-friendly solutions in order to meet performance seeking customer needs.
The group strives to achieve technological leadership worldwide through activities focused on flexibility, speed and efficiency oriented on constant achievement.
It is a group that is entirely devoted to international markets, and its direct or indirect presence in North and South America, the Middle East and the Far East is the commitment to its market, providing local service and client support in many areas of the Globe.
Innovation is our world where people remain the core of all our solutions.


Countries Served

Layer 1 200+ Patents and Prototypes


Founded in


Group Evolution

Faper Group S.p.A. is founded
Acquisition of: Tissue Tech Ltd, Toscotec, Milltech, Joinpack and Focus

Inception of Futura S.p.A.

Disposal of Toscotec

Fabio Boschi appointed CEO of Faper Group and Futura

Shareholders support a new long-term plan which embraces the concentration of core lines of business in international activities under Faper Group and an increased focus on Advisory activities

Successful advisory mandate for the divestment of Comceh SA (Romanian Leader of Tissue Production)
Disposal of Milltech

Disposal of Focus
Successful advisory mandate for the divestment of NTG (UK Leader of Tissue Production)

Set up of CISA Production following the recent acquisition

Futura launches 5-year empowering and innovation plan

Perini Navi under the Faper Group umbrella

Fabio Boschi is appointed Chairman of Perini Navi in line with simultaneous launch of Perini Navi’s new strategic plan

Faper Group concentrates on core activities and supports forward-looking opportunities

Disposal agreement of Perini Navi

Faper Group acts as Advisor for the engineering build and launch of the Ágora Tech Park within the Perini Business Park in South America
Cisa takes over ASL – Angelantoni Life Science’s Infection Control Business Division
Futura acquires 100% shareholding of Plusline Srl

Partnership (49%) with the start-up Visualize IT Srl

Visualize IT successfully completes its start-up validation and early scaling-up phases Divested minority shareholding to next phase partners.

Re-calibration, post-Brexit New real-estate investments in South America and Europe. Disposal of the Celtech Business Park to local partner in the UK.

Faper Group estabilishes the holding company Cisa Group and acquires a majority shareholding in Cisa Brasile.




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